A hairy thing with very nice teeth and a penchant for dressing up in silly costumes


Wort’s appearance is difficult to determine, as he is covered in a thick pelt of dark brown hair. He has dark brown eyes and a black doglike nose which peek out from his hair. His smile is brilliant, and his teeth always seem to be white as the day they came in. He has a penchant for dressing in outlandish costumes and “role playing.”

He escaped from Black Rock Prison along with Amos Casely.

He is currently dead, killed during an assault on Amos Casely’s secret base. Wile E has his head.


Wort was one of the least criminal of Amos’ gang, being in Black Rockl Prison for embarrassing a nobleman. Having a fairly quick wit and sharp tongue, he made a comment about a passing noble’s clothing to the hilarity of everyone in the market. The noble was so incensed that he pulled strings to have Wort sent to Black Rock prison.

Wort didn’t deal with prison very well, as he was still human when he went in. However, he developed a talent for telling someone’s future using phrenology. This gift led him to be snapped up as an ally of Amos’ group.


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