A lizard-sized abomination that follows Gringle around


“Lucky” as it is called by Gringle, is a creature about the size of a small adult human hand with a long, lizardlike body which is, with some exceptions, covered by a dark leathery skin. Its small head is topped by what looks like a light-skinned finger tipped with a single unlidded eyeball which seems glazed over as that of a blind man. A piglike snout juts out above a mouth filled with a jumble of misshapen teeth. Not far beneath the head are a pair of small arms tipped with two clawed digits, which it waves about uselessly. It stands upon four limbs, the front pair looking very much like light-skinned fingers of not quite matching size. Its rear legs look like that of perhaps a very small chicken with its feathers removed. A saurian tail lashes out behind it.

It occasionally speaks in a small, strained voice, using simplistic words. It is generally seen in the company of Gringle.


Lucky is an abomination created from a “Devil’s Soup” which contained (but wasn’t necessarily limited to):

crab brains
human teeth
3 human fingers
a “lizard monster” toy that was created from a combination of tanned rat and chicken parts

These items were soaked in Pig Head Beer which had been strained through the loincloth of an eyeless underground dweller from the Dwarven Tunnels who had been dead for no less than one week.

After its creation, Lucky has thought to have been dead at least four times, but always seems to appear again, despite the still remaining smear and innards on the floor.


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