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Out of Arduin

AKA: No Humans Allowed!

A brief description and history

A GURPS 4th Edition game set in an evolving campaign world started almost 20 years ago. This world has seen editions of D&D from AD&D 2nd Ed through 4th, as well as 3rd and 4th Edition GURPS.

Elements common to the game are the prevalence of odd, non-combat magic items, silly voices, magical radiation, mutants, weird monsters, Fate Cards, and chickens.

The group

While the group has had a wide variety of players over the years, the current group consists of (in order of seniority/alphabetical):

Jayson as DM with the players Tony, Dave, Bryan, Jeff, and John.

The characters

Tony – Gringle, a kobold diplomat and a terrible, terrible creature.

Dave – Wiley, a bugbear fire inspector, who JUST MAYBE might be an assassin.

Bryan – Gore, an orc mage, cursed with the soul full of demon and a head full of nightmares.

Jeff – Zat, a goblin tinkerer and gunsmith.

John – Classified, a beforetimes golem with more of his memory missing than is comfortable.

These characters base their operations out of the ancient Dwarven city of Arduin, a trade hub for the eastern side of the continent. They all have their own disparate goals, but may be united by something larger than their petty concerns…

Main Page

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