Tag: Amos' Gang


  • Vermosy

    Originally a prisoner in the Black Rock prison, Vermosy managed to survive by being well-liked by all parties. She tends to stay in the background, and seems to defer to Grack in most things.

  • Lyeol

    A prisoner at Black Rock during its collapse, he made himself useful to Amos and his gang by being very knowledgeable about cave survival techniques.

  • Harul

    Harul is part of Amos' gang which escaped from Black Rock Prison. Harul got in good with Amos by helping him to acquire things off of the guards or other prisoners back in the days when he was a bit taller.

  • Wort

    Wort was one of the least criminal of Amos' gang, being in Black Rockl Prison for embarrassing a nobleman. Having a fairly quick wit and sharp tongue, he made a comment about a passing noble's clothing to the hilarity of everyone in the market. The noble …

  • Irdyn

    Irdyn, while certainly guilty of some petty crimes involving lockpicking, was not the ideal person to be sent to Black Rock Prison. She thought she had it made when she gained the attention of the Overlord of Arduin with her thin "elfish" looks. While she …

  • Amos Casely

    Amos was once the most dangerous and powerful of criminals in Arduin. He had a hand in nearly every illegal or morally questionable activity which occurred in the city. He had a very good run in Arduin as the Overlord was MORE than happy to take money to …

  • Heet

    Supposedly put into Black Rock Prison because he consorted with demons. He made it into Amos' gang because he was amazingly good at avoiding guards, and always seemed to know when they were on their way. He was left unconscious and naked in an …

  • Delon

    Sentenced to life in Black Rock Prison for thieving jewelry from the neck of a wealthy merchant, Delon fell in with Amos because of his talent as a pickpocket and ability to squeeze into small spaces.

  • Hatrotho

    Hatrotho was one of the most successful cat-burglars in several city-states. He was finally apprehended in Arduin. Hatrotho had stolen from several wealthy nobles and merchants. His time in Black Rock Prison was meant to make him talk about where he …

  • Jim

    Jim's road to Black Rock prison was a comedy of errors. He was originally picked up on a charge of petty swindling and was to spend a week in the city jail. The common jail was full, however, so he ended up in the waiting area for executions. The previous …

  • Rocky

    Little is known about Rocky. Even his name is likely only a nickname, as naming a troll "Rocky" is like naming a human "Meaty." What is known is that he has always been by Amos Casely's side, and thus was put into Black Rock Prison for "Organized Crime."

  • Griffid

    Griffid was put into Black Rock for multiple counts of grand larceny. Before the radiation of Black Rock made him insectoid, he took grand larceny to new heights. There are verified reports of him stealing coaches, horses, large statues, and exquisite …