Steve the Cursed Crossbow Bolt

A crossbow bolt fitted with a cursed toothpick...

weapon (ranged)

Steve was originally found in a box of “magic” toothpicks, discovered to be magical by an old Juju lady, who ordered Gringle to leave the store immediately upon showing them to her.

Upon finding that they were magical, Gringle had the toothpicks fitted into bolts for his hand crossbow. Knowing that Steve was the MOST magical, he had “Steve” carved into the side.

Steve has been used to great effect twice as of 2014-03-09: Once when fighting the demon Pugnax and again when fighting a Blood & Sand Thaumnado while flying over the wastes.

The following are the known properties of Steve:
Steve has a tendency to blow through targets. After damage has been dealt, Steve continues going.
After blowing through, Steve will select another target, turn in mid-air, and fly toward it.
This pattern has continued until Steve has missed a target or has been parried.


Steve the Cursed Crossbow Bolt

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