A large, expertly crafted warhammer with amazing properties.

weapon (melee)

Osuchi is a large warhammer (meant for a SM+1 wielder) weighing about 6.5kg (14 lbs) with a flat side used for crushing and a long spike with flared blades which enables both impaling and cutting depending on how it is used.

Damage: Swing + 7 Impale, Cutting, or Crushing
Reach: 1,2 (takes a ready maneuver to switch)
Skill: Osuchi adds +3 to the wielder’s effective skill for attacks

Ouschi has the following enhancements and enchantments (taken into account above)
Puissance +2 (1000 power) – Adds +2 damage
Accuracy +2 (1000 power) – Adds +2 to effective skill on attacks
Graceful (2100 power) – Lesser version of Quick Draw – Automatically readies itself
Very Fine – Adds +2 damage and -2 to rolls to break.
Balanced – Adds +1 to effective skill on attacks.
Ornate – Gorgeously etched and inlaid with precious metals and materials, this weapon is a wonder to behold. The head sparkles with flecks of obsidian which allows it to deal damage to the Raz Alakatan.


Osuchi is a large warhammer crafted by the Dwarves and wielded by Classified. When Classified was looking to have his hammer improved, the Dwarves happened to have this hammer, which matched his specifications exactly, on hand. They also gave him a great deal, charging him only about half what the hammer should be worth and taking his old hammer in trade.

Included with the hammer were a gorgeous hardwood display case with a padded interior and a custom magnetic, automated low-profile back-sheath which allows smooth drawing and stowing of the weapon and wraps around it to keep it from attracting undue attention due to its fanciness (though the sheath is pretty cool on its own.


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