Moon Dust

A drug with astounding chaotic effects


When eaten or otherwise used, roll for 1d6 temporary physical effects and 1d6 temporary mental effects. Roll on the Whimsey chart or use own discretion for effects. To determine severity, roll 3d6 low is mild, high is severe.


Moon dust is a drug from a long-extinct cult of jungle-dwelling chaos-worshippers. Surviving bits of the tribe’s lore state that it is the dust from the dark moon which their chaos god uses to file down his innumerable, constantly growing tusks, horns, and claws. It is a fine gray powder which causes a random physiological and/or mental effect when it is imbibed, inhaled, or otherwise comes into contact with a mucous membrane. While it does not detect as magical, its effects are often unbelievable. The more powder is used, the greater the effects will be. The dust almost always causes some type of hallucination in addition to other effects.

Gringle came across a small box of moon powder in an ancient dwarven storeroom and immediately ate most of it. It temporarily imbued him with great physical strength, amazing artistic and engineering talent, and an insatiable urge to build a tree-castle. While his body was doing this, his mind was transported to another land, where he lived over 80 years. When his mind came back, he was wiser (+1 Intelligence) but out of touch with this world (-5 to all knowledge checks relating to things of this world).

Moon Dust

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