Earth Soulstone (Rocky)

An elemental soulstone absorbed on touch


Currently, Rocky gives the following bonuses when in contact with the ground:

DR5 vs. Earth-based attacks
Automatic detection of burrowing creatures within 5 meters.
Ability to understand earth elementals and the like.

Once per day, Rocky can confer a modified version of the Body of Stone meta-trait (B262) for up to 5 minutes upon his host. Differences are:
DR 10 instead of DR 5
Special weakness versus air-based attacks
Speed -2 (to a minimum of 3)
Halve all jump distances
This ability will end if removed from the ground for more than 2 seconds, and will resume upon regaining contact with the ground.

Rocky cannot communicate with its host or activate abilities when not in contact with stone or earth. This material may be natural or unworked, but must be part of the ground, or part of a structure which directly comes into contact with the ground.


Rocky is an elemental soulstone, an intelligent artifact that, when touched by one who is compatible, is absorbed into them and grants them abilities.

Rocky’s personality is similar to the stone he represents: Unyeilding, slow to react, tough, takes the long view. He is more concerned with defense than offense, and tends to offer advice to keep his host safe if possible, but will offer an opinion on strategy or enemies if asked or it seems necessary.

Rocky approves of intimidating your way out of a fight, eating a solid meal in a comfortable environment, not backing down from a challenge, succeeding in challenges of strength and endurance, loyalty, and defeating creatures of air.

Rocky disapproves of cowardice, wishy-washiness, diets, aiding creatures of air, and weakness.

Rocky has no opinion on killing sentient beings: They all return to the earth eventually anyway.

Earth Soulstone (Rocky)

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