Demon Whistle

A whistle with inlaid gems which summons demons

musical instrument

Found rarely in Dwarven Vaults, this item is a silver-colored whistle sporting three red gems. Each gem binds a demon, and each strong blow upon the whistle will release the demon nearby, causing one gem to crumble to dust. Upon release, the demon is frenzied and has a compulsion to seek out and destroy the largest group of sentient beings within a 5km radius and visit destruction upon them and their area. Once this task is completed, the demon is free to roam the world.

This item was originally created in the Beforetimes for far-forward scouts doing reconnaissance deep in enemy territory. If capture was assured, they were instructed to give three sharp blows to the whistle. While activating the whistle would mean their certain death, they could die knowing that they caused massive damage to the enemy and its resources.

One of these was found in the Dwarven robot manufacturing facility northeast of Natinuka, locked in a vault. Zat Damnrot has blown it once to see what it did, releasing the demon Pugnax. Zat still carries the whistle and it has two uses left.


Demon Whistle

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