A large stone creature with glowing eyes


Rocky looks to be an eight-foot tall humanoid hewn roughly from greyish-green stone. He has a somewhat hunched posture and his head is a bit bigger than one might expect from his body size. His arms are quite long, and give him an almost ape-like appearance as they dangle at his sides. In dim light, his eyes glow orange, and he is very light on his feet for a creature his size. He is almost never seen away from Amos Casely’s side.

When originally found in Black Rock, he wore little more than a loincloth, but he has been seen more recently wearing much nicer clothes.


Little is known about Rocky. Even his name is likely only a nickname, as naming a troll “Rocky” is like naming a human “Meaty.” What is known is that he has always been by Amos Casely’s side, and thus was put into Black Rock Prison for “Organized Crime.”


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