A big gray thing with a gigantic mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth


Jim is a unique-looking individual. Gray, rhino-like hide covers his muscular frame that easily measures ten feet tall slouching. Six solid yellow eyes are arranged spider-like on the slope of his head, which seems to sprout almost directly from his shoulders and upper chest with no real neck. His mouth is a gigantic maw with row upon row of sharp, serrated teeth. In the dark, his eyes brightly blaze their amber color.

It is known that he can heal others, but only by carefully navigating them past his teeth and swallowing them whole. He has difficulty forming many words with his mouth, so tends to use very short, easy words, which causes him to come across as simple.


Jim’s road to Black Rock prison was a comedy of errors. He was originally picked up on a charge of petty swindling and was to spend a week in the city jail. The common jail was full, however, so he ended up in the waiting area for executions. The previous night’s guard had gotten a bit drunk and forgot to pass on the information to the guard the next day. Pulled up to the chopping block, he was randomly selected to be pardoned by the Overlord, who occasionally let murderers go because he could. However, when Jim argued that he wasn’t even SUPPOSED to be executed the Overlord sentenced him to three years in Black Rock Prison for speaking in such a manner to a superior.

Jim managed to get by in Black Rock, but just barely. He wasn’t big, tough, or even particularly good at anything valued by any of the gangs. However, he managed to be in the right place at the right time during the implosion and survived. The thaumic radiation buildup caused him to slowly get stranger and stranger looking, larger, and stronger. While not a great fighter, his strength and intimidating nature more than made up for it, and Amos was happy to have him.


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