A long nosed young woman who always wears gloves


Irdyn is a rather striking, thin, angular young woman, no older than her mid-twenties. She sports a mass of thick black curls atop her head and has an olive complexion. She has a rather long nose, slightly pointed ears, and always seems to wear silken gloves.

She is part of the group which escaped Black Rock Prison with Amos Casely.


Irdyn, while certainly guilty of some petty crimes involving lockpicking, was not the ideal person to be sent to Black Rock Prison. She thought she had it made when she gained the attention of the Overlord of Arduin with her thin “elfish” looks. While she lived well for quite a few years as his mistress, she eventually bore him a child and wanted it to be recognized. Unwilling to allow a bastard to mar his reputation, but unable to kill her outright, the Overlord had her child killed and her sent to Black Rock Prison.

Amos Casely took a liking to Irdyn due to her fine motor skills, thinking that when he rebuilt his criminal empire they would be useful.


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