A tall, bronze-skinned, chestnut-haired human woman mad skills and issues


Hatrotho is physically a tall, bronzed, athletic-looking woman in her early 20’s. She tends to keep her chestnut-colored hair cropped very short.

It has been noted that she has issues walking unaided when outside, but is agile and an excellent combatant if indoors. She refers to herself as male, and tends to act very masculine.


Hatrotho was one of the most successful cat-burglars in several city-states. He was finally apprehended in Arduin.

Hatrotho had stolen from several wealthy nobles and merchants. His time in Black Rock Prison was meant to make him talk about where he had hidden or sold all of the paintings, jewelery, and other valuables that he had stolen. He was due to be extracted and interrogated about a week before Black Rock imploded.

As a well-known cat burglar, Hatrotho had a bit of pull in the prison, having pulled one over on some authority figures loathed by the criminal community. Amos was happy to add him to the gang. At some point after the collapse of the prison, the local thaum count caused his gender to flip to female, though he still strongly identifies as male.

Hatrotho was captured during the party’s raid on his hideout. Wile E, after determining that he (and in fact most of the gang) were not in on the particulars of Amos’ dastardly plans, he used his pull to get him a job with (either the Thieves’ Guild or the Assassins’ Guild) where he could make good money as a trainer in the arts of stealth, combat, and low-profile entry techniques.


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