A tough-looking red-haired ork and priestess of Karldra


Grack is a tall, muscular orkulonian woman with bright red hair (likely dyed given the shade) with a very serious face. She tends to wear red and black and sports the symbol of Karldra, a goddess worshipped chiefly by scouts, archers, and tacticians, on her sleeves and tunic.

She has only ever been seen smiling, very slightly and briefly, while talking with Gore. She has a tendency to bow her head and mumble prayers a good percentage of the time, and has no compunction with telling others of the wonders of Karldra (or the duplicitous and lesser nature of Tiahorita).

She always seems to have bread and cheese on her person.


Grack has always been a rather fervent preacher of her faith, and was traveling abroad to spread the word of Karldra. She had put together a small place for worship (and sleeping) on the Street of Small Gods, nothing fancy, just something to allow herself and a few fellow worshipers to stay out of the worst of the weather during service. She returned to her shrine after market one day to find it defaced and surrounded by three Orks.

These Orks turned out to be worshipers of a rival (and very similar) goddess, Tiahorita. Things got a bit heated, and by the time the guards arrived to deal with the commotion, the Tiahorites had already been sent into the arms of their maker by Grack, who was reported to be armed with nothing more than some leeks and a blood pudding (now somewhat more bloody).

She got a bit unruly with the guards as well, but their superior numbers managed to subdue her with a minimum of broken noses and limbs to the city’s finest. Normally, three murders and resisting arrest would be met with execution or banishment, but Arduin was in the middle of some rather delicate trade agreements with the southern Orks. Unwilling to offend them by sending her back or killing her, they thought to downgrade her sentence to a stay of a few years in Black Rock Prison.

After the collapse of the prison, Grack quickly showed her worth defeating many of the beasts roaming the ruins.

Due to his bravery during the fight with the Raz Alakatan in the prison, his slight southern Ork accent, and a bit of smooth talking, Grack has become a bit fond of Gore. This has been complicated by his party attacking her and her fellow escapees at Amos’ hideout.


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