Amos Casely

A stout once-crime lord looking to regain power


Amos Casely is a shortish man, barely clearing 1.5 meters. He has slightly ruddy skin and slightly thinning dark hair on his head. Despite his looks being a bit on the dower and unattractive side, he carries a certain weight and charisma about him, and has a voice which seems to carry both authority and empathy. While he looks to be in his early forties, his eyes seem to carry knowledge which marks him as much, much older.


Amos was once the most dangerous and powerful of criminals in Arduin. He had a hand in nearly every illegal or morally questionable activity which occurred in the city. He had a very good run in Arduin as the Overlord was MORE than happy to take money to have guards look the other way.

Eventually, though, their friendship soured. The Overlord wanted more direct control of some of the activities, and began to start arresting Amos’ lieutenants, even having some of them executed. Amos, having let his guard down after so long living the easy life, found himself once again having to do things on the down-low, only the law knew many of his secrets. Unable to have Amos killed due to their friendship, The Overlord had he and his head two goons sent to Black Rock Prison, giving special orders for them to receive the best treatment available.

Even inside of Black Rock, Amos often found ways to exert influence now and again in Arduin through contacts, favors owed, and caches of money left from his lucrative days as a crime boss. It is no secret that The Patrician, who now rules Arduin, would like this threat to his orderly city eradicated.

Amos hatched a plot to steal the party’s gold, show it to them, and then steal it again. He was found out and his hideout was raided. Gore managed to throw off a teleport that he was trying to do and they ended up elsewhere/when.

Amos is currently entombed in a dungeon at an unknown location, in an unknown dimension, at an unknown point in time.

Amos Casely

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