Out of Arduin

Expedition into the Wastes Part II

Flour isn't the only thing that explodes

This is a point-by-point note of info which the DM needs to remember to keep things straight. As always, if something is incorrect, please fill in the blanks.

Furnace/smelting room. Fought rusty plant vine thing. Gore has 200 lbs of vines + 30 of “meat” from the plant. Might be good for destroying armor/locks/spell components. Zat’s flak jacket was damaged, but he fixed. Gringle’s bucket was destroyed.

Waste room, talked to trash compactor monster, Gafhablah. Zat traded him his magic squirrel for an unknown gun-looking device. Classified found out about the maintenance tunnels and that something might be living in the med bay. Zat acquired some old dwarven tools (highly radioactive) and two rubbery suits.

Med Bay. Found a busted med-bot and a dessicated guy in a surgery tube. Logs indicate that he came in with a stomach ache and died, then began moving again. Many expired drugs were found. WIle E got to look at dwarven anatomy.

Control room. Classified found that the facility shut down about 1 year before the previous facility visited. Classified downloaded all the data available for later review (there was some corruption). They found that the power room was flooded with sand, as something had broken through the wall. Gore hardened and burrowed through until they could get to the powerstone socket, which was badly damaged.

Gringle found his way into the maintenance tunnels and went to the shipping/receiving area. He found a box full of spices. He also stomped and found a nearby kobold of the wastes called Grup. Grup was in need of food and water.

Zat rewired an elevator to get to the vault (since Classified locked it off) and rewired his way into it. They found:
Some kind of fish that “won’t die”
Serum of Dr. Argweldone*
Explosive Flour*
A big ruby*
some black dust
A deck of spells
a pair of boots
a “never ending scroll”
Monster Drool
Liquid Ice
potion of perception
True Water
Universal antidote

  • - Marked as “Dangerous”

The fish was milked by Gringle (who drank the milk). The fish then died.

Gringle asked Wile E to kill the new kobold (for his spices) unless it was actually a kobold. It turned out to be a kobold named Grup, and Wile E brought him in to eat plant food. Gringle fed him the now dead milked fish.

At some point Zat was left alone with Senor Fromage, who generally insulted him and acted like a Kobold. Zat was, I believe, about to lay down a whooping.


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