Out of Arduin is a fantasy campaign based in a world full of ruins from long-ago wars, returning dangers from the past. Will our heroes discover the secrets buried in their land’s ancient history, and if they do, will they let it consume them?

They are:

Gringle Snagglegrass, diplomat of the Kobolds, sent by King Torg (all hail king Torg!). He is fast, stealthy, deadly, and doesn’t know the meaning of the word fear. Also, he’s a bit foggy on the words hygiene, humane, and inedible.

Wile-E, an unassuming Antbear who works as the city fire inspector. Seems to know a little bit about everything. Often hired to explore dungeons to verify that they carry a low chance of fires. He keeps to himself.

Gore, the dust-covered Orkulonian wizard. An outcast from his society, he works for the wizard’s guild hoping to find a way to get his soul back from the demon who stole it… and get the demon’s soul out of him!

Zat Damnrot, a goblin who excels at taking other people’s trash and turning them into treasures… often high-caliber treasures.

Classified, a mysterious beforetimes golem discovered in a sealed underground chamber. His memories are a bit spotty, but his aim with his arm-cannon is spot-on!

Out of Arduin

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